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We have worked with EBFT for more than six years and in that time we have built up a very strong relationship with the charity who ensure that all children involved are able to take part in student-centred rich experiences.


The course structure is very well designed with students spending one day a fortnight on full day provision: going out to visit external providers and/or taking part in small group work within the EBFT premises. The visits that EBFT organise are to exceptional venues (stadiums, galleries etc.) that students could not ordinarily afford to go to. The following week is their half day provision where children review visits and write-up summaries about their varied experiences. Children say they particularly enjoy the practical element of the activities but also see value in evaluating any experience.


Our cohorts of around 10 children each year are chosen to access the facilities and resources that EBFT have to offer which are second to none. Children can experience music-making, computing, gardening as well as cooking within the EBFT premises themselves. All of these activities are skilfully crafted to ensure teamwork, aspiration and success. Sixth Form students who started working with EBFT when they were in Year 7 have continued their relationship with EBFT, recently completing work experience placements with the team. Transport is included in everything EBFT do and this negates a major barrier for some students.


The professional and dedicated approach that the EBFT staff take ensures students have confidence in the course and feel safe whilst being out of school. Students know they are being given the best possible opportunities to thrive, developing their interests and social skills through learner-led events.


Angela Williams

Deputy Headteacher

Cardinal Langley RC High School