What we do


The extension to the charity building to incorporate a very large kitchen has transformed our ability to deliver high quality cooking lessons to our core list of activities. The children get an opportunity to learn how to cook and bake all whilst learning the key values of hygiene and food safety. Our focus has always been to have a safe learning environment whilst still promoting creativity and fun. We’ve had a wonderful time learning these new skills and getting to eat the finished product makes it an even better.


Sustainability and recycling are an important part of the learning we promote at EBFT. Horticulture, which encompasses planting, growing and cultivating various food sources and flowers alike has formed part of core offer within the last two years. The process started by planting the seeds on our new balcony area which led us to being able to source many of our own vegetables and herbs which have gone into some of the cooking projects. These skills have transferred into us supporting local allotments and in turn has provided even greater opportunities to improve our Horticulture skills. Abi Kirk, a member of our Albany Products Sales team and a keen gardener has remained incredibly committed to this area and her passion for Horticulture has really shone through. We have accrued a secondary site to extend our horticulture offer at Rochdale Rugby Union Football Club, who have always been a great friend to the charity. This new development will allow us to offer a wider range of learning opportunities and we are incredibly proud play our part in sustainability.


Elaine’s passion for photography was only surpassed by her passion for helping children. In her honour, EBFT wanted to make photography a key part of our on-site activities. Stefan Biernat has given a wonderful introduction into photography for our children. The children started with portrait photography which progressed to advertising photography and finally sports photography. Some of the work the children did was absolutely fantastic and it’s safe to say Stefan was duly impressed. Photography continues to form a huge part of our identity as a charity and to be able to give children the wonderful opportunity to learn and express themselves is what EBFT is all about.

External Visits

EBFT’s focus is to provide the opportunity to see and experience new things for the children who attend our charity. External visits form a huge part of that because it not only shows them activities outside of their local area, but it gives us a great opportunity to teach the children about travel and conducting themselves in a public domain. We have had some incredible trips to a variety of sites in and around the North West. The children went Ice Skating in Blackburn, attended Escape Rooms in Manchester and had the day training to be Fire Fighters at Littleborough Community Fire Station. The list could go on and on. To see the elation on their faces whilst our children are exploring and discovering new things is what makes our work so rewarding.